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Friend of My Friend (Infernal Charm)

Cost: -; Mins: Szoreny 0, Essence 1;
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Emotion, Social
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None

It is the nature of all sentient beings to seek the company of those who are like themselves and shun those who are not. To look upon your brother and love him for being like you, and to look upon your neighbor and hate him for being different. But to look upon Szoreny is to look upon your brother, your neighbor, and yourself.

Whenever a target with an Essence equal to or lower than (Infernal’s Essence) looks at the Infernal, the Storyteller compares the Intimacies and Motivation of the target with those of the Infernal.

Should the target and the Infernal share any of their Intimacies and/or their Motivation, the target will immediately and instinctively know the nature of their shared spiritual bond and recognize the Infernal as a kindred spirit, gaining a positive Intimacy towards the Infernal. The target will also realize if the target and the Infernal have opposed Intimacies (i.e. one of them has positive Intimacy for something which the other has a negative Intimacy) and/or Motivations and recognize the Infernal as an enemy. In this situation the target will develop a negative Intimacy towards the Infernal.

If this Charm is triggered solely by shared/opposed Intimacies, the target may resist the unnatural mental influence by paying pay two Willpower per shared/opposed Intimacy. If the target and the Infernal have shared/opposed Motivations, the effect may not be resisted with Willpower alone. It may be resisted with Charms or other magic as normal. Once a target has resisted a given Motivation or Intimacy, he will not have to resist it again in subsequent meetings with the Infernal.

Under the right circumstances it is possible for a target to develop both a positive and a negative Intimacy towards the Infernal at the same time, in which case the two effects are resisted separately.
Tags: charm, infernal, szoreny
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